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  DR-100 Applications


    For stock removal of hard (45-68 Hrc) and certain softer ferrous materials:
  • Martensitic cast irons - Ni-hard - High Chrome irons Chilled cast irons
  • Fully hardened cold-work tool steels
  • Bearing steels
  • High speed steels
  • Martenstic stainless steels
  • Cobalt and nickel based hard facing alloys
  • Fully pearlitic grey cast iron



  Applying DR-100

      DR-100 has a high CBN content, 99%, and is supplied as solid I.S.O format indexable inserts  for top clamp
     tool holders. PCBN cutting tools machine hardened steels with apparent ease because, using relatively high
     surface speeds, heat is generated at the point of cutting so the PCBN tool cuts locally softened material.
     Using negative rake tool geometries to provide a strong edge, the heat is carried away from the work piece
     by the chip, which rapidly air cools to provide a brittle and harmless swarf, and the DR-100 insert, which
     has a very high thermal conductivity. This leaves the component cool, with  its hardness unaffected.
     Cutting forces are similar to those experienced by hard metal cutting tools machining soft steel.
     DR-100 should be used as a roughing or semi-finishing tool for hardened steel. Where a light depth of cut (less than
     0.50 mm) is required, DR-50 should be used. DR-100 machines fully Pearlitic cast iron, rough and finish, where the
     solid insert format allows. Although DR-100 is tough, vibration or deflection will result in poor tool life.
     Coolant can be used to; drive the swarf away from the shear zone where it might interfere with the cutting edge and;
     keep the temperature of the part stable
     When machining hardened materials, coolant must not be used where interrupted cutting occurs,
     as this will thermally shock the DR-100 insert as it comes out of cut, resulting in catastrophic
     failure of the tool. Coolant can be used for interrupted cutting cast iron that has not been heat      treated.






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