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  DR-PCD Applications


    Machining Non Ferrous Metals and Alloys including
    Metal Matrix Composites.
    Machining Plastics, Rubber, Fibre Reinforced Plastics
    and Composites.
    Machining Chipboard,  MDF and Natural Woods.
    Wear Pads, Gauging Points and Probes. 



   Applying DR-PCD

     Applied correctly, DR-PCD can offer dramatic improvements in both efficiency and product quality, but      the following points should be considered:-
     If conventional tools fail prematurely due to breakage, DR-PCD tools are unlikely to fair any better. If excessive
     vibration, inclusions in component material, or similar problems cannot be avoided, then it may be preferable to
     continue breaking relatively cheap conventional tools. However, the benefits offered by DR-PCD tools can often
     provide the incentive to overcome these problems. DR-PCD tools may give a tool life improvement of 100 times,
     paying back any extra costs in improving the machinability of the material, improving the  workholding or optimising
     the cutting tool  geometries.
      Although DR-PCD is both tough and extremely hard, the cutting edges can be extremely fragile. Care must be
     taken to avoid chipping the cutting edges
     It should be remembered that diamond and graphite are two forms of the same element, Carbon. When diamond is
     produced synthetically from graphite, a catalyst is used to reduce the reaction time to a commercially acceptable level.      Suitable catalysts are iron, nickel or cobalt. Unfortunately, these elements also catalyse the transformation of diamond
     into graphite. Diamond is not therefore generally effective for machining ferrous, cobalt or nickel based materials.
     Since the tool life of DR-PCD Tools is generally very long, most tools are made to order. However, David
     Richards carry an extensive stock of commonly used I.S.O. Inserts. David Richard representatives have      comprehensive experience of ultrahard cutting tool application and will be pleased to discuss your
     requirements. Quotations for non-standard products will be provided on request. David Richards also offer a      refurbishment service for DR-PCD tools with a rapid response to enable the users to minimise their inventory.
     David Richards achieved accreditation to I.S.O in 1992 and remain comitted to improving quality standards.


    DR-PCD can be supplied in many formats:-
    DR-PCD tipped and ISO insert turning tools.
    DR-PCD Slot drills, end mills & milling cutter heads
    DR-PCD tipped and ISO insert boring tools.
    DR-PCD drills and counterbore cutters.
    DR-PCD grooving and threading tools.
    DR-PCD form tools (milling and turning).
    DR-PCD wear parts, probes and gauging points.
    DR-PCD router cutters.
    DR-PCD cutter blocks.
    DR-PCD saws (panel and grooving).
    DR-PCD panel raising cutters.





    Milling Granite
     Syndite Routing Carbon-Fibre
     Panels for Airbus
    Turning A Granite Lapping Plate with PCD





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